Matthieu Pizenberg

he/him, Ph.D. in Computer Vision, Living in France

Hi, my name is Matthieu and I’m a French Ph.D. in Computer Vision living in France. I'm passionate about science and technology, especially when it revolves around programming, robotics and multimedia. I also strongly believe in sharing knowledge so I try my best making all my research content easily available online.

The past few years, I've had a growing interest for the Rust and Elm programming languages. Rust is perfect for correct high performance code, and Elm is delightful for building web apps. In addition, both these communities encourage strongly on being kind and sharing knowledge so their values align with mine. For these reasons, I'm quite involved in the Elm community. I used to co-organize meetups in Singapore and Toulouse, and now I'm maintaining the Elm track on the Exercism learning platform.

When I'm not programming, I like spending time with friends playing board games and eating raclette! I also enjoy playing football and a new discovery to me, kin-ball. This is a really original sport because there are three teams competing on the field instead of the classic two. Give it a try if you are lucky enough to live near a kin-ball club!