A new GitHub action for your Elm CI


Hi all, I’ve just published a GitHub action to let you install elm and other tools supported by elm-tooling.json in your CI, the most "boring" way possible as would say Brian.

This is what using it in your CI config looks like:

  - name: Install elm, elm-format and cache the ELM_HOME directory
    uses: mpizenberg/elm-tooling-action@v1.0
      cache-key: elm-home-${{ hashFiles('elm-tooling.json', 'elm.json') }}

  - name: Making sure the installation worked
    run: elm --version

And your associated elm-tooling.json would look like this:

  "tools": {
    "elm": "0.19.1",
    "elm-format": "0.8.5"

More info on the project page.