Calibrated quasi-planar photometric stereo

Matthieu Pizenberg, Florian Vincent, Yvain Quéau
Rust implementation of a calibrated quasi-planar photometric stereo algorithm, with a CLI and a Web app

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This is a Rust implementation of a calibrated quasi-planar photometric stereo algorithm. This repository is organized in four main directories:

  • cal-qp-ps-lib/: the core parts of the algorithm presented as a Rust library.
  • cal-qp-ps-bin/: an example CLI executable program.
  • cal-qp-ps-wasm/: the WebAssembly modules exposing the algorithm in wasm.
  • web-elm/: the frontend application, made in Elm.

Example CLI application

To run the example CLI application, simply move into the cal-...-bin/ directory and run a command similar to this one:

cargo run --release -- --lights data-bayeux/lights.csv data-bayeux/*.jpg

Where lights.csv contains the directions of the lights for each image. It is obtained from the light calibration step and looks like as follows:


The images passed as arguments with data-bayeux/*jpg should not contain the first, almost black, reference image. We do as if it was already deducted from all images.

Web application

To build and run the Web application for this photometric stereo algorithm, perform the following steps:

# move into the wasm directory
cd cal-qp-ps-wasm/

# build the rust code into a wasm module
wasm-pack build --target web -- --features console_error_panic_hook

# move into the web app directory
cd ../web-elm/

# build the frontend app
elm make src/Main.elm --optimize --output=static/Elm.js

# move into the statically served directory
cd static/

# turn the JS modules into simple JS files
# ps: --watch is rather convenient here
esbuild worker.mjs --bundle --preserve-symlinks --outfile=worker.js

# start a static server able to serve wasm files
# with the correct mime types such as http-server

# open http://localhost:8080 in your Web browser of choice