Matthieu Pizenberg
Broadcast your presentations interactively to your audience


This project never went passed the idea stage! I think the idea is worth sharing though so here it is.


In conference calls, we often base our discussions on a shared document between the participants. It could be quite convenient to be able to synchronize views between participants to make sure that they are currently looking at relevant pages. Ability to point at specific areas such as with laser pointers in real life would be even greater. That's how this idea of a service enabling upload and interactive broadcast of slides was born.

I also made mockup of what the home page of this service could look like.

SlideCast home page mockup


Here are few additional features that would make this project awesome.

  • White board (extra temporary)
    • text explanations
    • drawings
  • Presenter mode
    • timings
    • preview of next slide
    • presenter notes
    • extra slides (annex)
    • shadow navigation (not visible by viewers)
  • Deck management
    • import from pdf
    • import images
    • import videos (or video links)
    • edit deck order
  • File sharing
    • instant share a file with viewers
  • Chat
    • public chat
    • private chats
    • rooms
  • Pointer
    • presenter pointer
    • viewer pointer
  • Broadcast
    • live client sync